Comprehensive dental care from an early age is the best way to make sure your child is comfortable with the dentist and to encourage long-term oral health. At Junior Smiles, Dr. Drew Popper and our team provide preventive and restorative pediatric dental care in Boca Raton that emphasizes the health and comfort of your child’s smile.

Preventive and Educational Dental Care

The primary focus of our Boca Raton pediatric dentist is prevention and education to benefit your child’s ongoing oral health. We provide comprehensive preventive treatment, including sealants and fluoride treatments. These help to reinforce the strength of their teeth and make it difficult for bacteria to affect dental enamel.  When coupled with regular gentle cleanings provide in our office, these services help your child achieve a lifelong healthy smile.

Our team at Junior Smiles emphasizes an educational approach to dentistry. We teach parents of young children the best techniques for thoroughly and gently cleaning teeth, and how to become the example for your child once they are able to brush their own. We cater to the individual health needs and comfort of your child, showing them how to care for their teeth at home, and creating positive oral health habits for years to come.

Laser Frenectomies

Tongue and lip ties are common among children and are described as the constriction of the tongue or upper lip due to excessively short connective tissues. While mild cases sometimes resolve themselves, moderate to severe tongue and lip ties can contribute to difficulties nursing for infants, as well as problems with speech development and teeth alignment as children age.

Dr. Popper performs laser frenectomies in Boca Raton, providing children with the ability to develop normal speech patterns, making eating and brushing are easier as the jaw develops. The use of lasers during treatment also provides for faster recovery and a high rate of success.

Pediatric Dental Restorations

If your child has experienced decay in their baby or adult teeth, Dr. Popper provides durable and aesthetic restorations. We utilize tooth-colored material for composite restorations to fill cavities and repair chips and cracks. These white fillings seal spots of decay preserve the natural cosmetic appeal of their smile.

Dr. Popper also provides metal or white porcelain crowns dependent on the needs of your child. Metal crowns allow your child to maintain full bite function for molars, while white crowns can be used to restore and prevent further decay on front teeth.

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Dr. Popper and his team are dedicated to meeting children’s oral healthcare needs. We welcome pediatric dental patients throughout Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, and the neighboring communities. Contact Junior Smiles today to schedule your child’s dental appointment.

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