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Foods Children Should Avoid

The food that kids eat can affect them positively or negatively. It is best to give them foods that encourage healthy bodies and brain development. Want happier, healthier kids? Then try to avoid the following foods:

1. Hard Candies

Besides the fact that they can break or chip a child’s teeth, they are simply lacking in any kind of nutrients. It is completely okay to say no when strangers offer candies in a public space, or even when they visit the kids at home.

For sweet treats, pack some raisins or fruit bites instead. Kids can be trained to not eat too many sweets, so go for healthier options instead when snacking.

2. Fast-Food Chicken or Fish Nuggets

These are often the stars on a kids menu, but often nuggets don’t have any real nutritional value. They are deep fried in a lot of greases which could contribute to obesity.

For plenty of  vitamin D  and omega-3s, salmon, tuna, and sardines are all yummy alternatives. Kids can eat fish grilled or baked for a healthier option to frying. If the kids love tacos, make them with fish stuffing instead.

3. Ready-Made Packaged Pastas

Ready-made store-bought meals such as the popular Mac N Cheese Boxes or ramen noodles can be addictive. They are yummy because they are often packaged with MSG and way too much sodium.

If the kids love pasta, go for home-made goodness instead. Large batches can be made during the week, then baked up with a spread of mozzarella cheese on top. This way, parents can plan to buy whole grain pasta for healthy meals instead.

What Should Kids Eat More of?

Foods that promote brain growth and healthy hearts are essential. Try eggs; they are packed with protein and nutrients, and very versatile. Eggs can be scrambled, fried on toast, or used in a healthy salad. Some kids enjoy a classic boiled egg when served in a pretty egg cup. Older babies can digest eggs if it’s mashed up into small bites.

Older children who can chew and digest nuts and seeds can be introduced to pesto or peanut butter for more variety. Dark, leafy greens are encouraged for their vitamin value. But if the kids are picky eaters, try making spinach lasagna or smoothies to “hide” the greens.
Regular Visits to the Dentist and Pediatrician

Parents should always keep regular dental and pediatrician schedules. Having the help of professional doctors will ensure that all the efforts to raise happier, healthier children are worth it. Dentists can also give good advice on the foods to eat or avoid, and if the children have food allergies they can get medical help or recommendations.

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