Fluoride Treatment

What is a professional Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride can be found in most dental products and public water sources. Fluoride helps keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy, so if your child doesn’t get enough fluoride, or if they’re more susceptible to tooth decay, we may recommend special fluoride treatments. We’ll apply a fluoride treatment to your child’s teeth during each checkup visit and will potentially suggest more frequent fluoride treatments depending on your child’s cavity risk. Fluoride treatments are a safe and effective way to keep your child’s teeth strong, healthy and cavity-free.

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Why might a Fluoride Treatment be needed?

There are many reasons why your child may be a good candidate for fluoride treatments. We often recommend fluoride treatments to pediatric patients who are still learning proper oral hygiene habits.

Some of the reasons you might consider a specialized fluoride treatment for your child include:

  • Your child isn’t using quality dental products
  • Your child is prone to tooth decay
  • Your child has difficulty brushing or eating properly
  • You’re searching for a method to further protect your child’s teeth
  • Your child has problems with sensitivity
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Who is a candidate for these special Fluoride Treatments?

We can perform an examination to determine if your child would benefit from fluoride treatments. Most patients who want fluoride treatments for their child can have them safely done in our office. In fact, we can even offer your child these special treatment options to be done along with other dental procedures being performed. Most children will receive fluoride treatments during their regularly scheduled checkup appointments.

What happens during Fluoride Treatments?

We begin by cleaning and drying the teeth in the back of the mouth. The fluoride is placed on your child’s teeth with a brush.  We have different flavors to choose from including chocolate and bubble gum. You’ll be instructed to make sure they avoid eating or drinking anything for about a half hour to two hours after this special treatment has been administered.

If you’re thinking of having these fluoride treatments done for your child, and would like to learn more about this option, call our practice today!

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