Child's 1st Visit

Pediatric Dentist Examining A Little Boys Teeth In The Dentists Chair At The Dental Clinic. Dentist Examining Little Boy's Teeth In Clinic

Here at Junior Smiles, we see your child’s first visit as the start of a long-lasting, trusting relationship between your family and ours.


We recommend that you bring your child in for their first visit at the first sign of emerging teeth. We’ll work to get to know you, your child, and gather a medical history to further guide our care. From there, the first visit will consist of an oral exam and cleaning. Depending on the findings of this oral exam and cleaning, we’ll recommend necessary treatment, and schedule your child’s next visit.


Here at Junior Smiles, we take pride in being a resource and advocate for your child’s dental health. During your first visit, and any visit thereafter, we will answer any and all questions, and provide recommendations for healthy dental habits, and tailor our guidance to your child’s specific needs.

We look forward to seeing you and are grateful to support the dental health of your child!

What will happen during the first visit?

There are several goals for the first dental visit.  First, the dentist and the child need to get properly acquainted.  Second, the dentist needs to monitor tooth and jaw development to get an idea of the child’s overall health history.  Third, the dentist needs to evaluate the health of the existing teeth and gums.  Finally, the dentist aims to answer questions and advise parents on how to implement a good oral care regimen. The following sequence of events is typical of an initial “well baby checkup”:
  1. Dental staff will greet the child and parents.
  2. The infant/family health history will be reviewed.  To fill out these forms in advance visit our patient forms area of our website.
  3. The dentist will address any questions and concerns.
  4. More questions will be asked, generally pertaining to the child’s oral habits, pacifier use, general development, tooth alignment, tooth development, and diet.
  5. We will provide advice on good oral care, how to prevent oral injury, fluoride intake, and sippy cup use.
  6. The infant’s teeth will be examined. Generally, the dentist and parent sit facing each other.  The infant is positioned so that his or her head is cradled in the dentist’s lap.  This position allows the infant to look at the parent during the examination.
  7. Good brushing and flossing demonstrations will be provided.
  8. The state of the child’s oral health will be described in detail, and specific recommendations will be made.  Recommendations usually relate to oral habits, appropriate toothpastes and toothbrushes for the child, orthodontically correct pacifiers, and diet.
  9. We will detail which teeth may appear in the following months.
  10. We will outline an appointment schedule and describe what will happen during the next appointment.
If you have questions or concerns about your child’s first dental visit, please contact our office.